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This program is intended for the serious and focused, kids who REALLY want to know how to survive. 

LIMITED SPACES: ONLY 25 Spaces available! 

This is not your average Wilderness Kids Camp...

This is an EPIC ADVENTURE in wilderness survival skills for kids!

Send your child to this incredible, week-long wilderness survival program to learn bushcraft, wilderness and primitive skills, lots of history, and watch as they start to become the guardians of our ancestors' sacred survival skills.......

This program is for the kids who can understand the focus, work and dedication it takes to be on the trail of 'Wilderness Survival", who want to achieve and are able to focus on the tasks at hand for a full day.

In days past, by the time a child reached the age of 10 yrs of age they were able to live efficently off the landscape. Our goal in this program is to introduce the basic tenets of survival to our students so they, too, can become comfortable in the forrest and to fill them with the knowledge of:

Shelter: Hmmm...wasn't prepared to spend the what?!?! 

Water: Oops! My water bottle is empty! What do I do now?

Fire: Should have listened to my mom and worn a coat because now I'm freezing (and I'm getting kinda hungry..) what do I do?!

Food: I'm starving and that rabbit looked so tasty as he hopped by, how do I catch him? OR Ew! Rabbit? I'm vegetarian, what else is there to eat?

Tracking: Now where did you go, little rabbit....Ah ha! Found ya!

Awareness: Was that a bear making all that noise???? Oh! Nope, now I hear it is just a chipmunk. What's going on around me?

Movement: Now you hear/see me, now you dont!

This Monday thru Friday program is intended to give a solid foundation to the '7 Arrows' of Wilderness Survival. 

What to bring: Lunch, drinks and snacks for the day. Insect repellent, sunscreen, notebook and pencil. Appropriate footwear! No flipflops or sandals.

All teaching materials will be provided for each enrolled child 

Ages 9-15

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Private Group: $650
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