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Mountain Scout Survival School Philosophy and Learning Process


Mountain Scout Survival is an educational resource. When we think of survival, we think about getting lost in the woods. However, there are different types of “survival” — Urban and Wilderness. The skills and rules for success in these environments come from ancient knowledge. We recognize their importance by our simple acts of appreciation such as displaying these skills in Museums of Nature History. However, they still work, they are time tested, and we need to know them today. When one learns these skills, one can confidently apply these to any environment.

Now, the opportunity to learn these skills and apply them to our modern lives is available to anyone in the New York Metro and Hudson Valley region. Multiple programs are available to meet interests, needs and time commitments. Primarily, we provide three paths of training — Survival, Tracking and Native Scout. Skills are developed within each training path through “Sit Skills” and “Applied Skills”.

Sit Skills & Applied Skills

‘Sit Skills’ are techniques based on the single skill factor. For example, we learn ‘cordage’, the ability to make rope from natural material. We learn ‘Flint Knapping’ the ability to make an arrow point, or stone tool. These single skill factors are then used in ‘Applied Skills’ literally applying those skills to a more complicated project such as shelter building or bow and arrow construction respectfully.

Sit Skills are great to do on ‘location’— at schools, community centers, private property, simple demonstration - because they are transportable, safe and provide a large success rate for students. Applied skills are usually done ‘on site’, places where the resources are available naturally and in abundance. It is important that when you learn applied skills such as fire making, it is executed under controlled circumstances to minimize mishaps.

Planning Your Experience

However, with appropriate time and planning, a complete wilderness survival experience in its entirety can be held at most schools, camps, universities, or you own backyard.

Programs run from one hour to one day. Any program encompasses enough information that could be taught over an entire week. You chose the study exposure that fits your needs and schedule. If you have a unique logistical need or arrangement, please email us and together we can create a program just for your needs.

Let’s help keep the sacred skills and primitive arts of our ancestors alive through hands on skills. Hands on history, passing it down through tradition.