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What to Know About Mountain Scout Survival School's Wilderness 1

Jan. 05th 2017

We provide a simple service. We introduce you to your ancestor skills and we get out of the way.

Wilderness 1 is our prerequisite class that introduces attendees to the ancestor skills. These skills are universal and have been used on every continent. By attending this class you will be learning these skills by which are naturally yours. Awaken to how capable you are and how fulfilling it is to be shed the need for today's comforts we are accustomed to

These skills are time tested and they work and that is something to remember while practicing these skills. 

Wilderness 1 will open your eyes to truly appreciate the gifts Mother Earth has to offer. This 8 hour course overviews the cardinal steps to survival, also known as 'The 7 Arrows'. 

Shelter, Water, Fire, Food, Tracking, Awareness and Movement.

Each of these are huge in their own right.

Wilderness 1 gives you enough skills and enough information to be an effective individual in a survival situation.

From this experience, choose your Trail of Journey and continue your modern renaissance in primitive and survival skills.

Wilderness 1 is just the beginning.

Your journey begins here...