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Mountain Scout Survival School's 'Gear' Recommendations

Dec. 23rd 2016

For many people, things like camping or hiking are what sparks their interest in the woods, wildlife and/or the wilderness. Gear is a luxury and can help those who don't have skills to transition into the wilderness. 

The most optimal gear to have is 'skills'. Skills don't take up any room in your backpack and skills also can help you turn everyday objects into useful tools. 

We have created a list of some of Mountain Scout Survival School's favorite tools. 

You may have opened this post an expected to see items from brands like The Pepper Supply, Self Reliance Outfitters and Cabela's Survival Supplies. But that would be too predictable and you can never be too predictable when it comes to the wilderness survival.

Our list is made up of items that would not be considered 'gear' without 'skills'. 

1. Bandana

A bandana has multiple uses, it is cheap, and available everywhere. Your bandana can be used for first aid wound pressure, hiking trail markers, as a signal flag, indicators, water filtration, and also as a pouch to collect nuts & berries,.

2. Plastic Bag

Aside from the obvious use, a plastic bag is also a great tool for staying dry. You can wrap a plastic back around each of your shoes to keep your feet dry. Keeping individual items dry in your backpack. 

3. Garbage Bag

We recommend contractor size bags as they are thicker & tougher. You can use a garbage bag as a collector for insulation (leaf debris), a rain catch, a poncho, and even for water extraction using the solar still method.

Again, the most optimal gear to have is 'skills'. Skills can be shared without ever running out of them.