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Urban Survival v.s. Wilderness Survival

Dec. 09th 2016

At Mountain Scout Survival School we offer a variety of different survival courses. When we think of survival, we think about getting lost in the woods. However, there are different types of “survival”. 
Urban and Wilderness. 
When we think of Wilderness Survival many things come to mind. Most people think of what is played on television. In popular television shows like Man v.s. Wild, Survivor, and Dual Survival we see the horror and struggles that many face in the wilderness.
In Wilderness Survival the main subject of your ancestor skills are the following: 
1. Shelter
2. Water
3. Fire
4. Food
5. Tracking
6: Movement
Our living life skills come from one of these categories. Basket making, medicine, language, you name it. Listed like so, it may seem far from survival. It is actually quite comfortable in list form. 
Whereas Urban Survival is a brand new genre of survival skills.
FEMA and local governments are scrambling to figure out a new skill set called 'Urban Emergency Preparedness' 
There are five main areas of focus when it comes to Urban Emergency Preparedness. 
1. Communications, Options & Protocole
Example: When your cell phone doesn't work anymore but you do
2. Emergency Backpack/Kit a.k.a. 'Go Bags'
Example(s): Home kit, car kit, 24 hour kit, 36-72 hour kit, sustainability kit
3. Paths of Travel & Meeting Points
4. Available Resources
5. Safety and Security.
Urban Survival encompasses a completely separate skill set from Wilderness Survival. Why? Because there is ZERO sustainability in urban environments.
"Should I stay? Should I go? If I decide to leave how far can I get and how fast?"


The skills and rules for success in both environments come from ancient knowledge.


In Mountain Scout Survival School's Urban Emergency Preparedness course you are given the overall view for for creating an effective EAP (Emergency Action Plan). By breaking down what could be an overwhelming task, the emergency planning for yourself, family & loved ones. 


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Our next Urban Emergency Preparedness course takes place January 22nd in New York, New York. Will we see you there?