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Time Change, Political Change, Climate Change. Are You Prepared?

Dec. 01st 2016

Time change, political change, climate change. No matter the event or circumstance is your business, family, neighborhood, community prepared? Life presents both subtle and extreme changes.
We are currently dealing with extreme change Regardless of the circumstance, one thing remains the same: Our relationship with Earth and our ability as humans to interact with our natural environment.
We can choose to work with her [Mother Earth] or continue with the path of destruction taking advantage of her, as the present day man naively does every day.
Our responsibly and the responsibility of our future generations is to maintain the delicate and symbiotic relationship between humans and Earth.
Our goal at Mountain Scout Survival School is train new and existing generations to establish and maintain the relationship between human beings, their resources and the wounded Earth. Preparation begins with self discovery.
When all of our identifiers, religions, careers, and political affiliations are stripped away we are all the same in the woods. We are all subject to cold, the elements, the sickness, the hunger and thirst.
We become primitive and the dependence we have to the land presents itself in the strongest and purest way.
When you begin your journey to self discovery, you will realize that you are capable. Something magical happens. Something deep inside all of us stirs. We wake up.
Your journey begins here...