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What Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

Nov. 23rd 2016

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a celebration of the blessings of the year, including the harvest. Today we take a moment and reflect on what we are thankful for. 

What are you thankful for? 

Think about it for a moment...

For many, the answer will be family, loved ones, community, career etc. However, only being grateful for things that are relative to your immediate surroundings is quite self centered. Literally and figuratively. 

At Mountain Scout Survival School, we are grateful for our ancestors. 

Our ancestors were sophisticated people in a primitive time. Beyond the confines of our families and our communities we are grateful to have the skills from primitive to present technology. 

During their time our ancestors were merely surviving. Looking back on this time we find ourselves wondering if modern day man would have the ability to survive during such a primitive time. 

Winter for the natives in North America was a time for solace, the joining of families and the importance of community. 

Part of Thanksgiving is remebering the old phrase 'It takes a village...' which focuses on the impact individuals and groups outside of family have on our children. This saying advocates a society which meets the needs of our children.

This message is probably more important today than it ever has been.

This messsage reminds us of community and strength in many including our immediate surroundings and the past surroundings of our ancestors. 

That is why we hold reverence around Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Mountain Scout Survival School.