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Frequently Asked Questions


What do you teach?

We teach the skills of your ancestors, the living sit skills, wilderness survival. We teach emergency preparedness and how to cope with disaster situations. We teach empowerment from within, learn just how capable we are as a species and much more. We teach coporate team building and hold other special events as well.

Where do you teach?

Most of our Wildermess Series classes are taught at our site located in Hopewell Junction, NY with a few in Coldspring, NY. We also teach our Urban Emergency Preparedness in Central Park, NYC. There are other teaching sites scattered around NY, NYC and CT as well. We also travel! So we are able to come to you, please send us an email or call.

Where do we meet?

Most of our classes are located here at our site in the Hudson Valley. Locations are determined per class and are sent out via email with a list of necessary items to bring for which ever class you have signed up for.

What should we bring?

1. Please bring water, lunch/snacks (Depending on the class there will be a grill over a cooking fire)

2. Dress in layers and according to the weather.

3. A notebook and a pen

4. A seat cushion or small outdoor folding chair

5. Bug spray if you feel it necessary, we do have natural essential oils you can try out that are much safer for your well being.

Are you a seasonal school?

We teach through out the entire year, rain, shine or snow. Disasters or emergency situations don't wait for nice weather. People have gotten lost in the forest in winter or have had a car break down in the middle of nowhere during a snowstorm at night with no food or water. Learn skills and be prepared!

Do you have restrooms?

We do! We have luxurious porta potties on site.

(Please feel free to send an email with your questions and one of our team here at Mountain Scout Survival School will get back to you)