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Corporate & Team Building

The Tribal Experience 1 - 3

Any organization that seeks to increase the engagement and cohesiveness of its associates is bound to see an increase in productivity and profitability. The most popular corporate training program offered by Mountain Scout Survival School is the Tribal Experience. This is a single full day survival program for groups of any size with a theme of "tribe" or team building. The day's activities focus on the seven arrows; shelter, water, fire, food, tracking, awareness & movement. For those looking for a multiple day experience, the Tribal Experience 2 & 3 build on the skills from Tribal 1 and further bond the group as a cohesive tribe.

Customizable Programs

Our corporate training programs are entirely customizable to the specific needs, availability and interests of your organization. Half day and quarter day programs can be arranged to best meet your team's needs.

Results Focused

The best functioning team is a cohesive team. The Tribal experience encourages putting aside differences and establishing bonds and reliance among tribe members. We fully recognize that each organization is different with unique team members and interests. For this reason, there is usually customization needed to ensure that the experience is as rich and rewarding as possible for your team. Upon booking, Shane Hobel will personally speak with you to understand the needs of your organization and custom tailor the program as needed.

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