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Oct. 11th, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Men's Warrior Weekend

Time4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
LocationHopewell Junction, NY

Class Description

                            ~ A Gathering for ALL Men ~ 

                  ~ Warrior Ways of the past, for the Men of today~ 

                                                                                  Mtn Scout is very proud to have , 

                                 The Fire Keeper ~ Jon Delson


                  Founder of Mtn Scout ~ Shane 'whitefeather' Hobel

                                                                         As they host a very special weekend for Men...

    They will lead you on a journey throughout the weekend. Learning skills of our Ancestors, passed down for thousands of years...The skills that time almost forgot. However, they are still very much alive here...

    Both Jon & Shane will be sharing skills and techniques on what it means to hold the space and presence, of a warrior. To move through  landscape in silence. Learning Fire 'the old way' and what it means to be a Fire keeper...  Learn to embrace the Forrest at night while moving with no light.

Maybe for the first time in your life, you gather around the fire and hear, learn and feel what tribal life is like. What it means to be men this day and age. How do the warriors ways of the past, apply to todays hectic world.

Take a moment and get back to the Earth. Get back to the ways of who we are, who we are as Keepers of Fire, Guardians of life, and Warriors within. 

October 11-13  -  Camping for the weekend at our site: Friday - Sunday.

COST: $299- per person, 'Two Friends' discount and 'group' discounts available

Early arrival Thursday 'help day' you will receive a 15% discount for helping set up for the weekend of awesomeness ..

*Let us know if you have a group, and we would be happy to give a group discount for you....

Mt.scoutsurvival@gmail.com or call us at 845-629-4866 .  see you around the fire